Pathway Pharmaceuticals ­is a high tech personalized medicine company. We provide solutions to medical professionals, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies that help make data-driven decisions when selecting cancer therapies for individual patients.

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Unique research


Our method is based on personalized profiling of malignant tissue transcriptomes versus a complementary set of healthy, normally functioning tissues, where the transcriptome is defined as the entire set of transcribed RNA molecules, which either transmit genetic information from DNA (genes) to functional proteins (mRNAs) or influence activity of protein-encoding mRNAs (microRNAs).

In 2014, Pathway Pharmaceuticals became a global leader in the field of transcriptome-wide profiling of the gene expression by creating a unique platform OncoFinder that utilizes a variety of original algorithms to score intracellular signalization and to analyze in a comprehensive way thousands of molecular interactions in cancer cells of an individual patient. This approach for the first time enabled modeling of the activity of anticancer drugs on the individual cancer.